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The Dream Team, Ken Haring & Jeannette Draper, Realtors

Single-Family Home Sale Pahrump, NV Case Study

Single-Family Home Sales Solutions with Successful Negotiations & Closings in Pahrump, Nevada

Personalized one-on-one consultations and strong market knowledge helped move along this single-family residence in Pahrump, Nevada. The Dream Team featuring Ken Haring & Jeannette Draper represented the buyers in purchasing the home. The case study will discuss the techniques employed by the real estate team to achieve the goal of a successful sale, as well as the outcomes and benefits of the project.

About - Single-Family Residential Home Property Details

  • Property Type: Single-Family Residence

  • Property Location: Pahrump, NV

  • Sold Price: $395,000

  • Property Size: 1,756 sq ft

  • Lot Size: 6,490 sq ft

  • Challenge: The buyers needed extra guidance in purchasing the house.

  • Solution: Ken & Jeannette provided the assistance for a successful home sale.

  • Services Applied: Sales Negotiation, Real Estate Consultation


1.  PROJECT - Single-Family Residential Home Sale

2.  CHALLENGE - Consultation and Guidance

3.  SOLUTION - Negotiation and Closing

3.  RESULTS - Impact or Benefits

5.  WHY Choose The Dream Team at Access Realty LLC?


The Dream Team


  • Ken Haring - Realtor

  • Jeannette Draper - Realtor

  • Represented Buyer

  • Sold Price: $395,000

  • Single Family Residence

  • Property Address:5412 San Pietro Dr, Pahrump, NV 89061

  • 1,756 sq ft

  • 2-Car garage

  • 3 Bedrooms

  • 2 Bathrooms

  • Kitchen Upgrades

  • Living Area

  • Covered Patio

Location: Pahrump, NV

Project: Home Sales

Lot Size: 6,490 sq ft

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PROJECT - Single-Family Residential Home Sale

Ken Haring & Jeannette Draper, Realtors from The Dream Team were hired to represent a buyer in the sale of a single- family residence in Pahrump. The property was 1,756 square feet with a two-car garage, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. It featured kitchen upgrades, a living area, and a covered patio, and the lot size was 6,490 square feet.

CHALLENGE - Consultation and Guidance

The challenge of the project was to provide comprehensive sales negotiation and real estate consultation services to the buyer in the successful purchase of the single-family residence. Ken Haring & Jeannette Draper leveraged their expertise to guide the buyer through the complexities of the sales process and ensure a successful outcome that met the buyer's needs and interests.

SOLUTION - Negotiation and Closing

To ensure a successful sale, Ken Haring & Jeannette Draper utilized their expertise in sales negotiation and real estate consultation. They carefully guided the buyer through the negotiation process and provided valuable advice to ensure the buyer's interests were protected. Their attention to detail and thorough knowledge of the real estate market in Pahrump allowed them to successfully close the sale, resulting in a satisfying outcome for the buyer.

RESULTS - Impact and Benefits

The Dream Team's successful representation of the buyer in the sale of the single-family residence resulted in significant benefits. The buyer secured a desirable property at a fair price, thanks to expert negotiation and consultation services provided by Ken Haring & Jeannette Draper, REALTORS. The team's guidance and support allowed the buyer to navigate the complex sales process with ease, resulting in a satisfying outcome.

WHY Choose The Dream Team at Access Realty LLC?

The project was a success, resulting in the sale of the property for $395,000. The buyer was satisfied with The Dream Team’s representation by Ken Haring & Jeannette Draper, as they were able to efficiently and effectively negotiate and close the sale. This case study demonstrates the success of The Dream Team in representing buyers in residential real estate sales. Their expertise and guidance ensured a seamless process for the buyer, resulting in a favorable outcome.

Ken Haring & Jeannette Draper, Realtors

The Dream Team @ Access Realty LLC

Address: 2301 E Winery, Suite 101, Pahrump, NV 89048

Phone: (775) 382-8300

Industry: Real Estate Sales

Ken Haring Realtor & Consultant
Phone: 775-910-3022
NV Real Estate Lic. # S.0055483

Jeannette Draper Realtor & Consultant
Phone: 405-834-4255
NV Real Estate Lic. # S.183954

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Case Study Location: Pahrump, Nevada 89048

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