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Leads in the Know, SEO & Brand Marketing Agency

Increase Your Brand Authority, Visibility & Trust!

You are an established business owner in your local community. You want to become the new brand authority in your location. You want to increase your brand visibility & trust to attract more customers or leads on a consistent basis.

Is this you?  Then, you are at the right place!

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Leads in the Know Brand Agency in Las Vegas, NV

Exclusivity for your Local Business Brand

Local branding made simple with our One Client, per Industry & Location policy!

What we do is distribute hyperlocal media ads in monthly campaigns for products, services, and your local business. Local and national distribution channels include traditional news sources and local news websites. There is additional media content such as podcasts, videos, blogs, slideshows, and more. Hyperlocal Branding Campaigns build brand awareness, authority, and recognition for your brand and for new clients! Results of monthly publicity campaigns include high-profile visibility, brand authority, trust, credibility, and new customer acquisitions.

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Local Brand Content Marketing Method

Set up your Business Brand with Hyper-Local-Channel Distribution for Success...

Local Brand Campaign

Visibility branding campaigns build massive awareness for your business. We use the same techniques as celebrities, politicians, and large corporations. Less than 30 days for initial results. Start scaling your business by attracting more customers, clients, or patients.

We work with One Client per Location & Industry!

  • Competitive Snapshot Report

  • Over 200 Hyperlocal-Channel Distribution

  • Featured on NBC, FOX, CBS, Yahoo, Google News Sites

  • Podcasts and Blogs

  • YouTube and Vimeo Ads

  • Boost Brand Recognition

  • Guaranteed Visibility within 14 Day

  • Guaranteed Citations Placement on Hundreds of Sites

  • Long Term Strategy Plan with monthly Reports

  • Get your LOCAL BRAND seen like never before

  • Month to Month Strategy - Cancel Anytime

  • 30-Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

  • Premium Brand Campaign

    Get Featured on 5 of The World’s Highest Business Authorities Online! Premium Big5 also includes everything in the Local Brand Campaign. For any 3 of these online business giants, the combined traffic alone is over 500 million visitors per month! Results are a Windfall of Awareness, Reputation, and Exposure for your Local Business Brand.

    We work with One Client per Location & Industry!

  • Monthly Competitive Snapshot Report

  • Includes everything from Local Brand Campaign.

  • Featured on 5 of the Most Trusted Business News Brands.

  • Premium Exposure to your Most Valuable Offers.

  • Higher Placement in Google Search.

  • Higher Placement in Google My Business.

  • Showcases You as an Expert.

  • Builds Trust and Credibility for Your Targeted Audience.

  • Initial Set-Up Fee: waved with monthly campaigns

  • Month to Month Strategies - Cancel Anytime

  • Step by Step Local Brand Strategy

    Step 1

    The first and most important step is to schedule a discovery call! Our local branding campaigns are not for every business. We want to get to know your company, understand your goals, and see if we are a good fit for you! Next, we map out a local SEO strategy, and increase brand visibility which will achieve your local lead generation. A free online analysis is included at the start of each project. To further help our clients, we only work with one client per location per industry!

    Step 2

    The main goal is to create brand authority and visibility for your customers. The next important step is to ensure your digital footprint messaging is completely congruent and aligned on all platforms. A good local SEO strategy will be put into place before broadcasting your local business to a massive, targeted audience. A well-designed SEO plan will enhance the visibility and trust throughout your digital footprint online. Getting your business in the Google 3 Pack is one of our goals!

    Step 3

    A hyperlocal-channel marketing distribution approach for your business will be key to reaching more of your desired customers. A new snapshot report of your business will be created at end of each month. This process allows us to track new local traffic sources from your hyperlocal or premium brand campaigns. We discuss what the report indicates and follow up with you monthly. From each campaign result, we will discuss where to add additional target goals within your local market.

    Step 4

    Massively boost your brand awareness with the right local-media ad distribution! People like to do business with brands they trust. Think of it as credibility-building by association. If your customers are introduced to your business by a huge brand they already know and love, they’re much more likely to extend that trust right back to you by becoming your new customer. Our Local and Premium Brand Campaigns places your business front and center with your desired customers online.

    We Work With Las Vegas Local Businesses

    Real Estate Agent branding campaign

    Real Estate Professionals

    Local Gym & fitness branding campaign

    Local Gym Owners

    New Ecommerce Products branding campaign

    New Ecommerce Products

    Local Medical Spas branding campaign

    Local Medical Spas

    Local Chefs branding campaign

    Local Chefs

    Home Builders branding campaign

    Home Builders

    Increasing your visibility campaigns are available for any city location throughout the US.

    We work exclusively with one local business, per industry & location!

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    Local Business Branding Expert

    About Monica

    My name is Monica Werner and I started Leads in the Know brand agency to assist individuals and local businesses get in front of their desired customers online. If you want to become the go-to person or business in your local market and industry, congruent messaging is necessary online and offline. My brand awareness method follows the exact process needed in bringing you or your business closer to this goal. I provide two proven recognition methods to boost your brand awareness! My team and I create high-quality articles for a powerhouse of 300 plus authority news sites and publish them to Youtube, Vimeo, podcasts, PDFs, blogs, and more.


    Why Work With Us

    Reason 1

    It all begins with a conversation about your business goals and where you want to be in 1 to 5 years. We will discuss the status of your brand recognition. Next, we create an in-depth local snapshot report of your business. I will outline what needs to be done. My goal each month is for you to increase the recognition of your business brand within your industry & community.

    Reason 2

    Instead of being a jack of all trades, our team specializes in local SEO strategies, citation optimization, Google My Business, and local brand content marketing. Our local branding method is the best-proven way to massively increase your brand recognition & trust. If you have any questions regarding how to boost your local business brand, set up a discovery strategy call today!

    Reason 3

    Let us take away all the frustration of trying to gain new clients each month so you can focus on what you do best. We believe that our clients are the best in their field. My team and I create and places highly targeted articles and media on news sites, podcasts, blogs, videos & more. All of this is at a fraction of the price that the big corporations pay!

    Reason 4

    Our clients worked hard to get to where they are today in their industry. The problems they share are common, their business brand is not easily found by their potential local clients online. We perform an extensive report of all their online digital assets. The clients we work with are amazed that our SEO strategy methods & branding campaigns actually do work!

    Reason 5

    Massively increase your leads and brand visibility every month. The important factor for every campaign is creating trust and credibility for both your business brand and your potential customers. This is how to reach your business goal while increasing your ROI at the same time. All of our current clients love the One Client per Industry & Location policy!

    Reason 6

    Yes, it is true! We offer a 100% Brand Visibility Guarantee. Our aim is to offer our clients 100% satisfaction with our products and services. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time. No hard feelings we promise. We are always willing to work with you in finding you a solution in lieu of a refund. We offer industry & location exclusivity!

    Mission Statement

    We provide brand recognition methods to boost your business.

    Are you a real estate agent or local business owner struggling with finding more clients? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a Hyper-Local Brand Awareness Campaign, so you can begin engaging new leads and clients on a consistent basis in the next 30 days. Become the new business authority in your industry and local community!

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